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(1980 – Tucumán, Argentina)

Architect, dancer and teacher of improvisation.

Architect, dancer and teacher of improvisation. He has studied independently between USA, Europe and Argentina. From 2004 until 2012 he lived in BCN, Spain. Since 2012 its base is in Buenos Aires. In the last decade he has toured to South America, NORTH and CENTER, a large part of Europe, Africa and Asia, teaching improvisation and dancing in various festivals and international stages. He has received the TANZ ATELIER and DANCEWEB scholarships in Austria. The support of the metropolitan funds of arts and sciences (2013, 2015 and 2017) and the subsidy of IBERESCENA (2014) and PRODANZA (2016) for the realization of independent projects. Currently collaborates artistically with the English teacher and dancer Kirstie Simson and the North American dancer Elia Mark. He has created his own works between solitaires and groups works.  SUTIL ,  THE VOID  and A TALK WITH MYSELF are his latest works.


Blending his background in architectures and dance, Martin teaches teaching how the possibilities of spaces in which we live can transform dance and life itself. Sustained by a practice in deep listening to oneself and the environment that contains us, he shares his practice through teaching and performance to students and audiences all over the world.

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